How to raise the value of your investment property

Hawaii Real Estate

Have you invested in Hawaii real estate? It is always a wise move to make such investments for the sake of selling it later. Every buyer looks for the best property; thus you must look for ways of increasing the value of yours. A personal loan is a perfect way to help you increase your property. It sounds great to be able to borrow thousands of pounds to improve your property all at once and then repay that amount over the course of up to 6 years, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what a personal loan is.


People, however, assume that they may spend too much on increasing the value of the property. What you spend depends on the techniques that you use. You should implement simple methods that don’t cost you so much. You can start raising the value by ensuring that you have made a profit from your purchase. Do not buy a property that is less than its actual value.

By converting a bonus room into one that is more useful, you also increase its value. For instance, you can turn a one-bedroom apartment into two bedrooms by utilizing additional areas such as the store. Apart from painting the house, you should also boost the curb appeal by maintaining the lawn for the landscaping to look well defined. This can help you sell the property fast or get higher rent from it. Unfortunately, not everybody has the money to just decide they are going to convert a room immediately, most people have the idea for years and save up to be able to afford it. But, luckily for you, if you are considering it, a personal loan lets you get that conversion for another bedroom immediately.


If you have rental properties, you can increase its value by raising the rent. This principle is also ideal for multifamily properties. Increasing the rent by only 25 pounds every month per each unit can give you an extra income and raise the value of your investment property.

Utilize Space

You can also get more income from the property by utilizing all the available space. Check for any storage sheds, garages or vacant land within the property which you can rent out to tenants to raise your income. Assessing the property will help you find extra space that you can put into good use. More income on your side translates to a greater value of the property.


You should also look for ways to raise the fees. Consider charging an additional fee to tenants who pay the rent past the deadline. You can also charge for parking violations or laundry facilities that you may be offering them.

Low Expenses

As you raise the value, ensure that your expenses remain on the low end. As an investor, it is easy to pay for unnecessary things in your property. This increases the expenses and reduces the value of your property. You should have auditing skills while investing to help you cut down on expenses. For instance, garbage disposal providers can give you better rates if you negotiate well.

Your tenants can also pay for some of the expenses such as garbage and water instead of settling all of the expenses alone. Consider installing dripping faucets to reduce the bill of water you pay every year. Look for other ways of decreasing your expenses even if it means spending a few pounds implementing them as long as the overall outcome helps cut down on the costs.

Add extras – e.g. Bathroom

Unlike traditional homes which only came with one bathroom, you can add an extra bathroom in an extra space in your property. It increases the value and appeals to buyers. They also like an open concept of the surrounding without the inclusion of walls. Therefore, bring down unnecessary walls to increase the value of your investment property.


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